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This update generally contains polishing improvements. One of those things is making sure any size Siphos can be heard as we want them to be heard. That is why we have a system to limit concurrent sounds effects played at once which helps not playing unnecessarily large amount of Flak shots or poison applications. Otherwise we hit concurrently played sound limit which basically mutes some other distinct sounds. We had this system in place for a while now and try to apply these limits to mostly zooid effects which are usually played on skill activations at once.

All obstacles are now made out of hand-traced circles instead of polygon colliders. That gives physics system some "direction" in which to resolve deeply overlapping obstacle collisions with zooids or nutrition. This means that zooids and food should no longer get permanently stuck in rocks. This also brings a little performance optimization to obstacles which are more rounded and can be made out of smaller amount of circles. Several circles are faster to calculate physics with than polygon shapes with many points.

One thing we have constantly seen new players do is to try ungrowing zooids in growth mode by dragging them away from their Sipho. This now is possible - we want to have as smooth first experience as possible. It works by checking distance to Sipho zooids and if it's further from closest zooid than X it enters "release to ungrow" mode. It also works by dragging zooids onto growth side-bar.

It is no secret that we are experimenting with new zooids. Some of you might have seen our Tweets or sneak-peek development images in our Discord server. For more hints, we have left-in changes to those zooid prototypes in the change-log. Check it out:

Version 0.4.6

  • Fix renderer clones not being cleaned up
  • Add RendererCloner effect utility and use it for Greaser zooid
  • Fix Buff Manager keeping reference of removed buff effect
  • Add onCreated event to FollowingEffect
  • SwarmSpawner critters no longer auto-attack, instead you have to command them with a skill.
  • Reduce sprayer shot frequency slightly
  • Update UI-Default shader to engine version 2018.4
  • Range stat increases projectile lifetime instead of speed
  • Move food consumption logic away from physics callbacks to custom fixed update to avoid GC allocs
  • Add Fixed Update event to Siphonophore
  • Avoid some NaNs in twister pull logic
  • Add greaser zooid prototype which increases range of neighboring zooids
  • Remove digits after percent comma and use bullet points to list buffs in Zooid Descriptions
  • Separate Consumable pull stat from Range stat
  • Add non-expiring flag to buffs. Improve buffed zooid tooltips with stats applied and buff duration
  • Do not clear all buffs when reapplying stat buffing zooid - fixes too low amount of stacks for early applied buffs
  • Allow using development zooids in built games if they are requested specifically by ID
  • Move flashbang zooid to development folder, marking it as development zooid
  • Remove collider-disabled rocks and leave only their lower rock parts in Underwater boss battle
  • Ungrow zooids when they are dragged far away from connecting zooids or are dragged on growth sidebar
  • Set zooid to not Alive when it's being ungrown
  • Limit Advena poison spray concurrent sounds to 2
  • Limit concurrent energy powerup audio players to 2
  • Limit concurrent movement powerup audio players to 2
  • Make shooting zooids play audio through AudioPlayer and limit their simultaenous count
  • Allow playing AudioPlayer manually
  • Move mine explosion audio player to mine explode effect and limit simultaneous count
  • Add circle colliders to plant obstacle
  • Disable new colliders for rocks in Underwater boss level
  • Do not save decorations, deep rocks and whirlpools in any level
  • Do not save decorations in underwater level and spawn more food
  • Make eggs always drop something useful
  • Don't save whirlpools spawned by level end whirlpool spawner
  • Add flag that allows not saving grid spawner spawned objects
  • Use multiple circle colliders instead of polygon colliders for all obstacles. Improves performance and overlapping collisions
  • Fix non player zooids not getting damaged highlights


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Version 0.4.6 Jul 31, 2019
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Version 0.4.6 Jul 31, 2019
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Version 0.4.6 Jul 31, 2019

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