Sipho is a game about being a sea creature colony, loosely based on some eerie real life underwater creatures – Siphonophorae. The colony uses individual creatures, called zooids. Each zooid specializes in some sort of basic behavior – some zooids are good at eating food, others are responsible for movement, attacking other creatures or providing structural support. All of the zooids combine into a single colony to use each other for a common goal – survival!

Collect nutritious green food to use it for growing new zooids. Use weaponized zooids to kill other Siphonophores for even more food. Kill bosses to unlock new zooids.

We highly recommend installing the game instead of playing in browser.

This is an early development alpha build. There might be issues.

We will also be available on Steam

Movement Controls:
Depending on the movement type selected at the start:

Tank: WASD. W and S move forwards and backwards, A and D rotate. Hold Shift to strafe;

Twinstick: WASD for movement, mouse for rotation;

Autoturn: WASD to move in desired direction or click mouse to move and rotate. Hold Shift to strafe.

Skill Controls:
Skills can be activated according to their bound positions on the skill bar (Mouse1, Mouse2, Keys 1,2 and 3). You can rebind skills in the growing menu.

Growing Controls:

Space or grow button to enter/exit the growing menu. You can click, drag or use the keys 1,2,3 and 4 to select a zooid you want to build. Clicking near a white glowing zooid will grow your selected zooid next to it.

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Sipho 0.91 Win 42 MB
Sipho 0.91 Linux 64 MB
Sipho 0.91 OSX 48 MB

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