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Specimen of this mysterious breed have been sighted in all inhabited areas. We have called them Vagorians.

They have a utility zooid called Twister that creates small swirls which pull in and carry objects over distance. These swirls merge together in size and strength, becoming capable of moving significantly large objects or even Sipho colonies. We suspect this zooid might have been used as a long distance colony transport.

Vagorian colonies are held up with Peapod zooids which seem to be smaller than typical structure zooids. They allow more compact zooid growth and require less nutrition to sustain. Other colonies which adapt these zooids can become a real threat to all of living marine life.

Burstopod zooids are used for offence and defence. They release an enclosed shell filled with high-pressure unknown substance. The shell breaks with great force, damaging all creatures within small radius.

For local travel Vagorian colonies use Drifter zooids. They provide great colony turning force, but are less effective while strafing. They might have evolved to withstand or embrace great turning forces of swirls and whirlpools.

Our simulations for Aquarium have identified Vagorian environment as highly unstable. Their optimal environment is expected to be found somewhere between different areas where strong currents flow. It is littered with fragments of destroyed habitats brought in by strong currents flowing through.


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