Version 0.3.4 release and near future plans!

Hello everyone!

We are happy to produce another update that improves quality of underwater life aspects.

You may wonder how do we decide to fix these random unrelated to each other things. We have a long backlog of changes that we want to do. This list has been gathered over time by just playtesting Sipho, by seeing someone else play live or through help of Youtubers and by reading your feedback. Some small things that require little attention shift are perfect for "getting into the development zone" before starting to work on larger things. Working on new features requires to have whole game source code "loaded up into the brain" which these small tasks help to achieve. Some of these tasks are also experimental implementations of new Zooids...

... which we are going to use to design a new breed! We currently have an exotic new breed in the works. It will feature four unique Zooids and will be available to learn about in all currently existing areas. We are tweaking new Zooid skills to be as versatile and synergetic as possible with other breeds without being too powerful.

Version 0.3.4

  • First level enemies won't dash and be annoying easy targets
  • Dash skill now dashes forward even if the player is not already moving
  • Make projectiles last longer if they're at their top speed
  • Don't zoom the camera when mouse is over UI elements
  • Fix Buginis ambience volume depending on player's position
  • Re-enable faster Zooid growth by not recreating Layout with each zooid addition. Also fix lingering ghost issue after adding new zooids fast way
  • Explicitly add BuffManager to each zooid prefab instead of adding the component in runtime. This slightly improves zooid growth performance


Sipho Windows 95 MB
Version 0.3.4 Apr 17, 2019
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Version 0.3.4 Apr 17, 2019
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Version 0.3.4 Apr 17, 2019

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