Version 0.2.0 is now available!

We are proud announce a new extra-featured build. It is also a development milestone for us which marks a new Version 0.2.x era.

Starting Early Access we have promised to listen to your feedback. To not compromise existing balance and wanting to give a little bit of strategy between runs, we have implemented ability to keep a zooid after death!

This will allow to have a little bit more creative freedom in the main game mode by allowing you to strategically select a zooid to keep from previous run. New synergies can be explored this way without making the game too easy. Breed selection menu will now also display starting zooid loadout and plan ahead:

Implementing this feature has allowed us to make some under-the-hood changes to allow us affect game settings more easily. And it might be that little push that will help you to finally defeat Frakir and his minions.

Other thing we wanted to do even before launching to Early Access, but did not want to risk regressions, was to re-balance movement. There were some cases in early stages where an enemy would be faster than the player with several movers. Now movers have a lot less drag so movement should feel more responsive allowing you to create more interesting builds.

Together with aforementioned major changes, check out the full list:

Version 0.2.0:

  • Increase gaps in Twisted Narrows
  • Juice up zooid pickup effect
  • Show adapted zooids in death screen
  • Do not use impossible zooid placements for head selection siphos
  • Give tank movement some love
  • Damp siphonophore turning if there's high angular velocity
  • Increase spike velocity threshold for full damage
  • Display extra zooid in starting zooid panel
  • Fix cursor escaping the game in multi-screen setups
  • Added a pacifism achievement that can be achieved by finishing a level without killing anyone
  • Show available zooids in selection panel
  • Add Adapted zooid selection
  • Randomly select zooids to stun
  • Fix Sizzler not stunning when there are a lot of zooids around
  • Make heads have more mass and drag. Make movers have less drag and mass. Make siphos less deformable
  • Make Spike weapon have less drag as it already gets slowed down by it's tip
  • Make grappling hook less abusable with pushers
  • Don't error out when player has all zooids in inventory
  • Kill dead zooids around zooid unlock pickup


Sipho Windows 95 MB
Version 0.2.0 Dec 04, 2018
Sipho 115 MB
Version 0.2.0 Dec 04, 2018
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Version 0.2.0 Dec 04, 2018

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