Version 0.82 released

Hello everyone!

We have finally updated to Unity Engine version 2017.4.2! Performance should be a lot better now on top of our optimizations for object pooling. What does that mean for you? Smoother gameplay! With this update we have added some additional polish to the game - spikes no longer get stuck in obstacles and we've done a pass on gameplay camera polish.

All of these changes would have been published some time later with gameplay changes, but we wanted to become compliant with GDPR. During your gameplay, we use Unity Analytics to track basic outlines of player progress - at which level one has died, how much nutrition did it have. This helps us to improve gameplay and quickly adjust difficulty curve between updates to keep the demo as playable as possible.  Without analytics we wouldn't get such consolidated feedback and act quickly enough. Feel free to disable analytics by clicking Privacy button down in the main menu screen or in Options menu.


  • Updated Unity Engine to 2017.4.2
  • Tweaked how the light thingie in underwater levels looks like
  • Fix ripples distorting incorrectly and inverse strength parameter
  • Show Head icon in tutorial dialog
  • Use .NET 4.6 scripting backend
  • Fix mover GC allocations
  • Cleanup stuff and GC when unloading area
  • Don't show health bars for dead zooids
  • Claws kad now kill spike projectiles
  • Removed unused variables
  • Do a chip effect when projectile dies
  • Fix flower petals facing wrong way
  • Fix spike getting stucc
  • Don't update Energy Bar so often
  • Pool rocks
  • Pool DeepRocks
  • Show energy regeneration tooltip
  • Fix tooltip not getting position properly set. Setting pivot seems to reset tooltip position
  • Update Max energy when adding or removing zooids
  • Fix incorrect Camera Follow offset
  • Use stored local position when reqrowing from Blueprint
  • Fix wonky camera zooming
  • Fix deep rock erroring out
  • Move blueprint data to enemy spawners. Separate big guy spawning from small guy
  • Enemies try to spread out
  • Different breed enemies fight eachother
  • Zooid Description tweaks
  • Add screen shake on level end
  • Progress whirlpool slower
  • Reset scale when de-pooling poolable
  • Add Unity Data Privacy plugin
  • Add Privacy options to Main Menu and Options Menu


Sipho 0.82 Win 42 MB
May 24, 2018
Sipho 0.82 Linux 64 MB
May 24, 2018
Sipho 0.82 OSX 48 MB
May 24, 2018

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