Version 0.62 released

Hello, fellow parasite designers!

We are  very excited to see rising interest in Sipho. From feedback at Demo Day to let's players discovering Sipho we have seen recorded videos, read comments and quickly rolled up a new release to tackle some of the problems.

Watching other people play is really blood-pumping. Hoping that no game-breaking bugs have slipped through and that we explained concepts well enough so no irritation of player occurs is very exciting. All this visual feedback and seeing how players interact with the game for the first time is eye opening. A game creator knows its game from inside-out and sometimes this knowledge is assumed for players too, leaving the game to have hard-to-understand concepts unexplained for newcomers. Thank you for spending your time trying out Sipho!

By demand, we have also included Linux and OS X development releases. Linux version works well only in windowed mode. Please let us know if they have any unmentioned issues!

Major Features:

  • Reduce food dropped by other Siphos to prolong time spent in levels
  • Add food containers which have a chance to drop food on destruction
  • Make poison lethal and limit how many Zooids it can penetrate. Already poisoned Zooids do not consume poison and let it through

Minor Features:

  • Added a simple destructible food container
  • Bring some splashing back for the thirsty ones
  • Fix Slowmotion FX on different gameplays. Remember, static events have to be unsubscribed!
  • All you had to do, was to disable god damn play on awake, CJ
  • Decrease food container hp to 3
  • Make food container outline green, indicating food
  • Make flak projectile slower, but inherit positive zooid velocity
  • Base level whirlpools no longer spawn inside rocks and level 1 objects no longer spawn in big rocks
  • Made death screen use rectangles instead of the old UI and changed the text to "Retry"
  • Don't show continue game button if there is no game saved
  • Bosses no longer flee. Ever.
  • Spike background should no longer lag behind
  • Can no longer pick zooids to grow with right click
  • Reduced poison particle lifetime and removed unused variable
  • Nutrition tooltip now has red warning when you're exceeding the cap
  • Whirlpool position after boss battle no longer randomly shifted
  • Halved food drop from heads
  • Food containers spawn in small clumps
  • Increase gaps between growth zooid selection groups
  • Fix wrong damage debuff naming. Limit poison penetration. Nerf poison damage. Increase mine poison range
  • Give extra nutrition for bone level mobs
  • Delete whirlpool spawner from freeroam
  • Expand tutorial to include destructable food droppers and ungrowing
  • Clamp Zooid shader alpha between 1 and 0 to fix shading artifacts
  • Bump WebGL memory size to 512
  • Don't show whirlpool teleport UI when there are no whirlpools
  • Projectiles kill fast food
  • Move enter whirlpool button up, so it doesn't stay on top of energy bar
  • Add level end indication
  • Make use of new alien spike background
  • Add confirm breed selection sound


Sipho 0.62 Win 42 MB
Mar 10, 2018
Sipho 0.62 Linux Universal 62 MB
Mar 10, 2018
Sipho 0.62 OSX Universal 58 MB
Mar 10, 2018

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You guys work fast, I didn't expect the Linux version so soon. That said, I have some issues with it using the fullscreen mode; I can't do anything in the main menu, none of the items even highlight on mouseover and clicking doesn't do anything. Another issue is that picking lower screen resolutions just makes the menu smaller and anchored in the lower left corner. Windowed mode works as expected so this is mostly a minor inconvenience though.

Also, I ran into this funny bug, when I removed the parent nodes of my spikes the spikes themselves didn't get removed since they were apparently also connected to my head despite not even touching it.

New build targets are thanks to Unity :D

Game not working well on Linux fullscreen most probably will have to be the engine issue, as fullscreen works on other platforms pretty well. We'll add a note that game only works well in Windowed mode on Linux. We might upgrade Unity version some day, stepping away from 5.6.2 to newer versions, which could potentially fix the issue.

Nice catch with the floating connections. It's a legacy thing from when all Zooids could be connected and structure ones were not necessary. This will be fixed along with Zooid visual update, where more explicit connections will be shown.