Version 0.41 released

We meet again!

Since our last update we've been focusing on making the game more fun and encouraging risk-taking. We have increased movement speeds of all Zooids, making movement more responsive to your controls. We have also added Energy to your Siphonophore, which is spent by using skills. All skills have their cooldowns lowered to allow more strategic gameplay. To encourage interactions with enemies even more, auto re-growing has been added, which will remember your Siphonophore design and automatically re-grow if enough nutrition is available.

From now on, we are also going to be attaching standalone builds. WebGL is nice for quick plays, but it doesn't support some rendering features we're using, so for full experience we recommend using standalone executables.

Let us know how the game feels!

Major changes:

  • Added Energy resource. Skills use energy, which is capped at 100 and regenerates at 20 per second
  • Skills cost energy and don't scale with zooid count
  • Auto regrow dead zooids if have available nutrition. This will encourage battling and won't let you lose your handcrafted Siphonophores
  • Reduced mass by 5 and increased drag by 5 to make movement more responsive and less floaty

The rest of changes:

  • Twinstick default player controls
  • Don't use up burst if turning. Burst movers sync up better while in constant motion
  • Game save deleted after main sipho dies ;_;
  • Blood should stay below most sprites now
  • Use get axis raw for twinstick movement to avoid artificial damping
  • Increased max turn weight to allow sharper turning
  • More enemy designs
  • Added basic zooid connection rendering so zooids appear connected physically
  • Reduced shooter and pusher knockback forces.
  • Don't play the bump sound effect when chain building
  • Fixed not being able to select an available build element when the first one was too expensive.
  • Optimize poison cloud physics
  • Make cut effect's blood not rotate with the rest of effect
  • Reworked UI to use a grey-green color scheme and flat design
  • Introduced an ungrow button in the UI which is used to toggle ungrowing mode instead of it being always enabled.
  • Ungrow X always visible when ungrow mode is enabled
  • Add basic ripples to zooids
  • Added a movement burst skill for all movers
  • Add facebook link to main menu
  • Add parameter to have no drag under certain velocity for that water feel
  • Make enemies less forgiving to player
  • Use new rocks everywhere, don't duplicate over old ones
  • Ignore other siphos if none have fighting zooids
  • Make enemies not fight eachother if there's food to grab
  • Add missing Alien scene
  • Strictly define sorting layers for different things
  • Fade light out in growth mode
  • Make poison non-lethal
  • Slightly increase pierce skill cooldown to match the spike animation
  • Removed the slow/fast slider. It was not slidy enough.
  • Added tooltips for zooid types in growth mode
  • Added a tooltip for the Remove/Ungrow button
  • Added a nutrition bar tooltip
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips wouldn't show up sometimes
  • Renamed and buffed burst/dash skill
  • Made poison continuous
  • Added a heal skill to bone structure
  • Wololo'd bone structure into healing again
  • Can't get off Mr. Bones wild heal
  • Implemented regrowth ghost/preview zooids
  • Zooid regrowth ghosts have tooltips
  • Slightly nerfed poison squirt by making it slower and cost more energy
  • Pusher duration is now the same as cooldown. Cooldown and energy cost reduced
  • Changed default skill hotkeys to something more comfortable
  • Make poison burst sounds nice again and spawn less poisons
  • Make poison clouds be in cloud render layer

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Jan 10, 2018

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