Version 0.30 released

Hello everyone!

We have been working for these past two months to bring you another update, just in time for festive season. This time we focused on helping new players to get started, by providing a tutorial level and improving Growth experience, making game more encouraging to experiment. We have also added some substance to the game by giving shape for several levels. They are now more varied and more interesting. Take a look at the list of changes below.

As always, we are eager to hear feedback from you!

Major Changes:

  • Add Tutorial scene which has on-screen instructions to help getting started
  • Add new obstacles for Sea, Body and Plant levels
  • Skills can now have nutrition cost. Mine now costs 1 nutrition to place down
  • New Spike ability: Pierce - extends spike which pierces enemies and deals damage
  • Allow having more than max nutrition, but lose it over time if that happens. And don't heal when ungrowing
  • Improvements to Growth UX
  • Automatically ungrow children zooids if their parent was ungrown
  • You can now rebind skill bar skills

Minor Changes:

  • Nerfed stun by reducing the stun time from 5 to 3 seconds
  • Fix growth toggle button text
  • Fix dragon rock z
  • Fix nutrition UI not updated correctly
  • Fix velocity after teleports which made camera move
  • Enemies now try to swim around obstacles
  • Reduced sea mover burst force
  • Added zone names and UI
  • Nerfed poison clouds
  • Fix whirlpools blocking growth
  • Spawner improvements
  • Change pusher layer to ignore raycasts
  • Poison clouds should also not block growth or kill bullets
  • Don't end poison particle simuluation prematurely so they always stay visible
  • Balanced zooid costs
  • Make sea mover animation more pronounced
  • Dead or stunned eaters should not eat
  • Dead spikes and claws should not damage
  • Enemies should become stuck less often
  • Increased the number of skill slots
  • Add spike cut and chip effects
  • Rework how spikes deal damage
  • Make mine explosion more pronounced
  • Make available skill more visually pronounced
  • Fix soft body physics going bonkers when time is slowed down
  • Some growth UI outline highlights
  • Well defined growth highlight flow
  • Fix growth UI entering invalid state and add error sound
  • Move Alien poison ability to movers from eaters
  • Add zooid abilities to zooid description
  • Allow zooming out a little bit more
  • Added screenshake before the boss battle starts
  • Fixed crabs not using skills for a 2nd time
  • Bosses will always use all of the available skills
  • Add takeover effect to head selection
  • Make enemies react to damage
  • Make leech and flak weigh as other zooids
  • Make movers lighter and adjust drag
  • Pushers now push themselves too
  • Add flowers to spawners
  • Add more enemy designs
  • Added a game over UI with some statistics
  • Added red indication for skills that can't be used at the moment
  • Add destructible rock
  • Camera now focuses on where the boss will spawn before the boss battle
  • Added the newer boss battle scene and added some bubbles
  • Boss battle spawn zone now pushes player away so the boss wont spawn on top
  • Add recoil to bug shooter
  • Make skill highlights work
  • To-be-Ungrown zooids are hi-lit, fam
  • Make bosses adamant at growing
  • Skill zooid highlights have a nice cyan glow
  • Tweaked post effects
  • Louder swimming sound

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Dec 20, 2017

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