Version 0.25 released

Hello fellow underwater beings!

Today we're releasing a new build of Sipho. As before, it contais quite a few changes and improvements. So let's go through them!

  • New physics! We've developed our own special breed of soft body simulation, leading to much more stable gameplay;
  • With the new physics system you should no longer spazz out into the wide blue waters, you should also encounter less sea lag;
  • Added new abilities - you can now push enemies and objects away, you can lay deadly poisonous traps and you can lock onto enemies with the leeches;
  • Fixed up murky movement - you should no longer veer slightly off course when moving. Sea navigation should be easy so we're doing our best to make it that way;
  • Improved game saving - you'll now saved your unlocked zooids as well as several other things;
  • Fixed the issue where skills would stay even though you had no zooids that were able to use them;
  • Added various bug fixes.

There are still some known issues (whoops!):

  • Enemies don't get along with rocks and obstacles;
  • Sometimes the game can still get a bit laggy for a short while;
  • You might spawn inside a rock when loading the game. This is the experimental "Starfish Simulator Extreme DLC" gameplay.

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