New parts in Version 0.6.1 are here!

Another content loaded update is here! This time we are happy to finally introduce you to our Halloween contest winner's Scepti designed Soul Eater implementation! And we are also throwing in two new buffer zooids - Grinder and Agonizer!

Grinder will grind down your zooid weapons making them sharper and increasing their piercing abilities.
Agonizer imbues nearby zooids with acidic substance which increases their damage. Perfect amp the damage up with Advena structure!
And the star Soul Eater charges its pressure up with eaten remains of enemies and blasts remaining enemies with harmful fluids.
We will be tweaking and polishing these new zooids in future updates. 

All of changes that led up to this point are listed below:

Version 0.6.1

  • Update Soul Eater description
  • Set Soul Eater projectile layer to Projectile
  • Rename Advena structure buff to Acidic Metabolism
  • Make Soul Eater available in Campaign
  • Change unused Greaser range stat to 0
  • Rename Phaser to Agonizer. Make Agonizer apply damage increase and make it available in Campaign
  • Change Grinder effect to apply penetration stat buff and make Grinder available in Campaign
  • Add Save Custom Data get method with default value override
  • Only play one shot at a time of Soul Eater shot sound
  • Soul eater shoot effect and tweaks
  • Calculate steering direction from projectile rotation if velocity is close to zero
  • Fix Flail outline and remove angular drag from Flail connector. Now Flail should have no drag at all
  • Make flail do 50% of damage when retracted.
  • Do not auto-save layout if layout exists with same content
  • Add Built-in layouts to Layout Database. Initialize Layout Database on game launch and keep it warm when managing layouts
  • Better Layout hashing
  • Keep track of original materials when making copies in Zooid Graphics
  • Soul Eater animations
  • Reserialize Buffer zooids
  • Fix max health debuff reducing more health than it should on apply
  • Sparks for Grinder buff effect
  • Fix flail power scaling
  • Update Steamworks to 1.66 (Steamworks.NET 13.0.0)
  • Fix player being frozen after death in Aquarium
  • Stat buffers no longer buff themselves
  • Added a more robust way to save/load custom data with base type support


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Version 0.6.1 Feb 19, 2020
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Version 0.6.1 Feb 19, 2020
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Version 0.6.1 Feb 19, 2020
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Version 0.6.1 Feb 19, 2020

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