Version 0.6.0 is now available!

We would like to announce a new era of Sipho updates - 0.6.x. This update contains changes to structure zooids which play a major role in balance of the game. After updating you will be greeted with rebalanced structures:

  • Advena structure now costs 3 (instead of 2) nutrition and increases attached zooid damage by 1 and healing efficiency by 1 - zooids with higher healing efficiency will get more health points from healing effects.
  • Saenus Beefuorus structure will now automatically cover neighboring zooids with protective shell.
  • Buginis structure now adds 1 point of energy regeneration to neighboring zooids.
  • Each Cra'than structure now heals 2 health points (instead of 1) and skill cost is lower, but increases with each zooid.
  • Vagorian structure gives 10% movement speed bonus to attached zooids.

We hope these changes will make structures a lot more useful and fun to play. Let us know what you think!

You can find changelist below:

Version 0.6.0

  • Move several test structure prefabs to disabled folder
  • Make Flail weapon damage based more on impact velocity rather than time
  • Increase Muck effectiveness against projectiles
  • Fix Muck animation becoming off-sync when continuously using launch skill
  • Increase Nervefiber healing amount from 1 to 2
  • Chitin Shell buff sprites should not be affected by Greaser effects
  • Despawn environment objects when they sink
  • New buffers use new sprites
  • Buffer zooid sprite metas
  • Tweak Chitin Shell visuals and don't despawn them on level change
  • Buffer zooid sprites
  • Where does the sniper piercing keep disappearing?
  • Try to make flail more fun by reducing its drag and boosting its launch force 20 times. Now you can sort of chase people around with it
  • Set Greaser sac layer to Outline to make it ignored by Renderer cloner effect
  • Hide the weird "zarnokas" sprite in the soul eater projectile
  • Buff soul eater force per range from 150 to 220
  • I suck at making particle effects, but I'm trying to improve the Grinder particle effect
  • Projectile size scales from bonus damage
  • An attempt to make a Grinder effect of some sort
  • Serialize phaser
  • Rename spike skill to "Impale" so it's not confused with pierce stat
  • Slightly robustify shell code from weird states
  • Shells don't expire and sea structures regrow shells every 7 seconds instead of 6
  • Fix a bug (feature?) where dead zooids grew shells.
  • Increased shell lifetime from 16 to 18 seconds and decreased spawn frequency from 4 to 6 seconds to make fighting sea boys less annoying
  • Alien structure costs 3 instead of 2, but retains the 12 health so it's more robust for the price
  • Add a regeneration efficiency stat description
  • Update descriptions for a few structure zooids
  • Vagorian structure buffs nearby movers with 10% extra movement force
  • Reserialize the rest of the zooids
  • Reserialize the two zooids that feel like it
  • Heal skill uses less energy up-front but uses 5 more energy per-zooid
  • Fix nothing healing anymore since the regenerationEfficiency got reset to 0 everywhere
  • Skills can have an extra energy cost per-zooid
  • Advena structures add a health regen efficiency bonus - heal more with less!
  • Advena structure buff naming came back to its senses
  • Shell lifetime extended from 15 to 16 seconds
  • Saenus Beefuorus structure passively grows a shell over a single zooid every 4 seconds
  • Fix exceptions when loading a save with a player skill that no longer exists
  • Advena structure buffs nearby zooid damage by 1
  • Update Buginis structure description
  • Make Buginis structure give +1 energy regeneration to neighboring zooids. Decrease their max energy bonus from 10 to 5


Sipho Windows 97 MB
Version 0.6.0 Feb 04, 2020
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Version 0.6.0 Feb 04, 2020
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Version 0.6.0 Feb 04, 2020
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Version 0.6.0 Feb 04, 2020

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