Version 0.5.8 - Small Update, Big Plans

With this update we bring several noticeable fixes to input. It will now be possible to bind any input device to any key bind which allows full customisation of key bindings. In the meantime we were working on many different things that will reach you in the future:

This is how our Mercurial repository of Sipho development looks like. It allows us to work on game in separate branches, which do not affect the default branch - the one that is shipped to you. While in rest of the branches we can thoroughly test and polish larger changes without slowing down update releases. As is it visible in picture above we are currently actively working on two major things:

Structure zooid rebalance

We want to rebalance structure zooids to make them more useful and have distinct benefits. Having a single zooid grown should be impactful to the play style and this wasn't a case for structure zooids. We have learned from Greaser that neighbour buffs provides an interesting choice and strategic zooid placement. Having that in mind structures will give bonuses to neighboring zooids and other zooids that already had abilities will have their unique ability amplified.

Non-linear levels

In current version of Sipho we are using a list of areas (scenes) which are loaded one after another. That happens in Campaign mode when you traverse the world through whirlpools. This has worked fine since the very beginning of development in 2017. To allow more interesting travels we have to rip out existing system based on list and re-create it in scriptable and more controllable way. This will allow traversing environments in more different order, maybe have a choice or even ability to skip or visit special areas. What we have currently achieved in the levels-nonlinear branch is the base-work for that. Once we are confident that we are able to replicate existing system with new back-end code, we will merge that into default branch and continue working on spicing up level traversal.

Version 0.5.8

  • Soul eater has a lerp animation for its belly
  • Soul eater clips its sprite instead of using transform scale
  • Soul eater uses 1 charge instead of all of them when used
  • Save ZooidPhaserBuff asset stuff
  • Reset Sniper penetration to 1
  • Add penetration stat description
  • Add a Phaser zooid test prototype that gives nearby weapons penetration
  • Swarmer uses penetration stat for multiple attacks and swarm minions now tell the owner of their damage
  • Volter uses penetration stat to increase max target count
  • Poison uses the penetration stat
  • Spike uses penetration stat
  • Added a penetration stat. Soul eater now penetrates all zooids, but deals less damage
  • Dirty assets after update
  • Update Unity to 2018.4.14f1
  • Invert the appropriate gamepad axes to workaround the new input system bug
  • Finish up the rework
  • Start reworking the input system to be less rigid and be able to bind anything anywhere
  • Fix game skipping the head selection screen sometimes


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