Version 0.20 released


It's been a while so we thought it would be a good time to release an updated version of our game. We've been doing a lot of stuff these past few months and this update should give a sneak peak on the things to come.


  • Breed selection. At the start of the game you can choose from 4 breeds. Each come with their own zooids;
  • New zooids added. We've added zooids that stun, poison, shoot and maim other Siphos in all sorts of ways;
  • Added status effects, like being poisoned or stunned;
  • Eating food now restores health to damaged zooids. Health no longer restored by consuming your stored nutrition;
  • Improved enemy AI;
  • Added the ability to continue your previous game (saves automatically after growing);
  • Improved the games' visuals;
  • Added more levels, each with their own inhabitants;
  • Added a bunch of new and improved sounds.

Known issues:

  • The game can very rarely start lagging really hard;
  • Max nutrition is sometimes 0 when loading a game;
  • Ability icons remain after removing all the zooids that had the ability;
  • Sometimes enemies have trouble moving around obstacles.

Hopefully you guys and gals like this update and, as always, any feedback is very welcome

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