Version 0.5.5 is upon us!


It's time for another bi-weekly Sipho update!

We are experimenting with a major scoped improvement which is allowing to visit different breed zones in other than current order. Replaying the game should be much more enjoyable as you could start the game in Cra'than zones and finish the game just after fighting against beefier Seanus. In addition, if we give you ability to choose which zones to visit first, this would enable more strategic choices whether or not you would like to fight against weaker Buginis now or in later stages. We will keep you updated on our outcome of this experiment in our further updates!

While these experiments are happening in a separate branch some changes have slipped through the cracks to reach you:

Version 0.5.5

  • Add several cheap Cra'Than built-in layouts
  • Add an unused rising bubbles effect
  • Some improvements to the perspective shader
  • Add a shader that's capable of doing perspective, sort of
  • Update Utilitarian achievement to only start checking after first level
  • Clamp minimum camera size to 0.1 so it doesn't crash everything
  • Limit pusher effect sound count to 3
  • Add Zooid Top sorting layer and fix Muck sprites being badly ordered
  • Prevent head selection from attempting to load save with empty layout
  • Do not lock cursor to hovered object when using aquarium eraser with relative input - fixes locking controller simulated pointer in place
  • Hide all aquarium sub-menus when closing Aquarium - fixes possibility to enter bad UI state when opening Growth mode from Aquarium


Sipho Windows 97 MB
Version 0.5.5 Dec 05, 2019
Sipho Windows 99 MB
Version 0.5.5 Dec 05, 2019
Sipho 117 MB
Version 0.5.5 Dec 05, 2019
Sipho 101 MB
Version 0.5.5 Dec 05, 2019

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