Dive into Version 0.5.3!


We are bringing our latest controller support changes into the main game! This means most of the game is now fully playable with controller - from start to finish.

Some controller-related things are still missing which we will add and improve current solutions in further updates. Known limitations are:

  • No way to rebind controller keys
  • No way to change your Sipho layout by moving grown zooids - you will have to ungrow and re-grow them
  • Mouse-wheel camera zoom does not have a controller counterpart

Sit back on your couch and let us know how it feels to play with controller!

We have mentioned that controller support was important to us because we might have had an opportunity to participate in a gaming conference. And we do! We will have a booth at Indie Town of GameOn on November 16-17th. We are very excited to see how people are going to play and we hope to hear your Sipho stories in person. Come chat with us!

And the long and awesome list that brought you this alternative way to play:

Version 0.5.3

  • Don't try to rebind the confirm button (not supported by us at the moment, since uGUI uses old input).
  • Use text mesh pro for showing rebind option UI
  • Fix freeze when leaving growth mode and also starting some growth-specific module action at the same time
  • Fix zooid growth preview appearing over mouse instead of over the target growth points
  • Fix up and clean up GrowZooid update logic
  • Switch on Controller as primary instantly after receiving input instead of 10 seconds
  • Auto select first enabled growth sidebar zooid UI element when current one gets disabled
  • Don't camera shake camera and rumble controller when progressing - that was unnoticeable anyway
  • Use layout indices for discarding invalid growth points
  • Don't generate growth points around dead zooids
  • Use Breed asset to define starting zooid inventories. Store Inventory on Siphonophore rather on Head zooid
  • Reference breeds from Zooids and not other way around
  • Add breed definition as separate asset
  • Don't try to initialize from an empty/null inventory
  • Add SiphoIcons TextMeshPro atlas for all icons Sipho. Usage example: <sprite="SiphoIcons" name="nutrition">
  • Use native environment templates for each breed in head selection
  • Don't re-randomize inventory when loading enemies from a game save
  • Make it impossible to save Sipho layout with incorrect indexes
  • Save inventory for every sipho, not just the player
  • Better logic for selecting the next growth point
  • Choose a nearby position for the next potential growth after growing a zooid instead of doing it at random
  • Instead of trying to do some fancy growth logic in GrowZooid, use the existing growth logic inside BuildElementUI (this fixes sounds not playing when growing)
  • Added big brutes for bug and bone levels as well
  • Don't try to do screenshake in growth mode
  • Show ungrow zooid key when selecting zooid
  • Growth UI modules provide info on what they do
  • You can now switch to skill editing/ungrowing from any UI module and you also get some helpful text that says what can you do
  • Naming your sipho will no longer trigger every single hotkey
  • Screenshake rumbles controllers
  • Change the blood particle texture to something that has more texture
  • Some more prefab updates
  • Controller now vibrates when you tell it to
  • Rebind UI uses text mesh pro
  • Move out some of the beautification code into the StringBeautifier
  • Save some reserialized prefabs
  • Add SystemCallbacks that allows subscribing to Updates happening from unity
  • Fix camera getting stuck in boss fight
  • Increase skill UI key binding size
  • Provide xbox images when returning a beautified string if possible
  • Skill UI text uses text mesh pro
  • Push some changed files
  • Use menu toggle to cancel rebinding so that you could rebind some skill to the button 'b'. Also improve the input manager string beautifier a bit to return controller bindings when needed
  • Offset controller images by a little
  • Add a place for UIModule-specific controller help text
  • Show the button for entering/leaving growth mode
  • Swap keys for ungrowing and editing skills
  • Show key for editing skills
  • Update xbox controller sprites and integrate them into controller only text
  • Add experimental text for editing skills
  • Add xbox button images
  • Added text mesh pro
  • Add a ControllerOnlyUI script for showing... erm... controller only UI
  • Add a method for checking if the gamepad is the primary control device
  • Fix controls locking up when quickly mashing enter when rebinding
  • Forgot to add outline sprite
  • Add selection outline to skill UI
  • Reset navigation state when popping ZooidInfoAndUngrow
  • Change and add new keys for doing growth things. You can now edit skills with keyboard/gamepad
  • Fix extra zooid selection throwing errors when navigated with input keys while there are no extra zooids
  • Report when poolable is destroyed because it didn't have an original
  • Fix Spike Zooid background not being pooled properly
  • Fix nutrition icon in Aquarium enemy spawn menu
  • Add flashes to powerup pickup effects and fix their colors
  • Properly re-select UI elements. Fixes Aquarium elements not being highlit when re-entering Aquarium mode
  • Make gamepad twinstick less twitchy
  • If you're using a gamepad, you will get gamepad bindings for skills
  • There is no longer a dedicated button for switching movement on the gamepad. Use the settings menu instead
  • InputManager GetAxis now takes into account the deadzone
  • Legit twinstick support for gamepads
  • Aquarium spawning with controller
  • Do not constantly select deselected object
  • Fix Layout browser not showing entries
  • Stop trying to grow when you run out of nutrition for the selected zooid
  • Update growth points if the target zooid changes
  • This fixes the bug where the ghost would stay in the corner until you moved the mouse
  • GrowZooid more directly controls when to override the mouse position for drawing ghosts
  • Make Aquarium Spawn logic use UIModule stack
  • Aquarium toggled with north button, menus navigated with shoulder buttons
  • UIModule driven Aquarium activation
  • Assert that we don't unpause game more times than we pause
  • Close Layout Browser when pressing cancel button
  • Tooltips follow their targets instead of attaching to a static position
  • Don't use the singleton if we can help it
  • Add IAddRemoveHandler interface and use if to indicate when a UI module is being pushed or popped instead of doing a weird bool
  • Show player aquarium menu only when base growth module is active
  • Deactivate module after popping
  • Quit Growth module immidiately after growth is toggled - otherwise other modules get pushed to stack
  • Make layout browser work with UI stack
  • Fix mouse tooltips also being toggled by the tooltip toggle key
  • Fix menu opening after leaving growth mode with Esc
  • Reuse Aquarium UI module for layout browser
  • Add name property to generic Aquarium UI module
  • Make tooltip appearance abstract and automatic on selection
  • Hacky way to exit growth mode after popping the selectZooidToGrow module
  • UI Module stack deals with Cancel key input instead of all the modules
  • Growth no longer super aborted if you press escape
  • Typo
  • Remove/replace a few old inputs with the new input manager
  • Add tooltips for SelectZooidToGrow (or maybe we could just do it in the UIModuleStack ?)
  • Fix tooltips not toggling correctly
  • ZooidInfoAndUngrow now correctly handles UIButton changes after a zooid is ungrown
  • Fix an issue where left-clicking a zooid would ungrow it
  • UIModuleStack remembers and restores the previously selected UI element when pushing/popping modules
  • Added comments about when each UIModule method gets called
  • Don't toggle tooltips in non-growth mode
  • Keyboard/gamepad overriden tooltips can be toggled on/off with a special key
  • Show tooltips of the selected zooid
  • Push the required new GameKey, whoops!
  • You can now enter zooid info and ungrowth mode while in the growth menu by pressing 't' or the north dpad button (subject to change)
  • Abort zooid info and ungrow module if the mouse moved
  • Rename UngrowZooid to a more broad ZooidInfoAndUngrow
  • Slightly rework tooltip instance to have better API
  • Zooid ungrowing emulates PointerEnter/Exit events on ZooidButtonUI
  • Use polymorphism in BuildUIManager because we can
  • Simplify Aquarium Menu UI module
  • Add Debug Menu entry for UI module stack
  • Fix null reference exception in GrowZooid
  • Do not open aquarium menu when player controls are disabled (for example game menu is open)
  • Aquarium UI module WIP
  • Added a very barebones ability to ungrow zooids with the controller
  • Re-activate the older module after the popping the newer module
  • GrowZooid ui module pops itself if there is no active ui element or if the cancel button is pressed
  • BuildUIManager pops zooid selection module when leaving growth mode
  • SelectZooidToGrow module now uses GrowZooid module if a zooid becomes selected
  • BuildUIManager uses SelectZooidToGrow when enabled
  • Use InputManager for determining when to use the mouse or keyboard/gamepad for growing
  • GrowZooid now uses the zooid ghost for previewing build locations
  • Add a UIModuleStack to gameplayUI
  • You can now grow zooids by using the keyboard/gamepad
  • Use the GrowthUtility CircleColliderRadius where needed in GrowZooid
  • Make FindNeighbors a GrowthUtils function instead of being a part of BuildElementUI
  • Growth points can now be iterated via the automatic UI navigation
  • GrowZooid updates growthPointUI elements as the structure changes
  • GrowthPointUI is now poolable
  • Growth points are stored in a list once again + angle bugfix


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Version 0.5.3 Nov 11, 2019
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Version 0.5.3 Nov 11, 2019
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Version 0.5.3 Nov 11, 2019

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