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Design a creature and eat your way to the top of the food chain. · By Sipho, NinjaKyat, Dominas, DanTM


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Version 0.5.5 is upon us!
Greetings! It's time for another bi-weekly Sipho update! We are experimenting with a major scoped improvement which is allowing to visit different breed zones i...
4 files — 0.5.5
Version 0.5.4 has been released!
Hello everyone! The dust has settled after our participation and GameOn. We have wrapped up improvements we made for the expo in this update. One of features of...
4 files — 0.5.4
Dive into Version 0.5.3!
Greetings! We are bringing our latest controller support changes into the main game! This means most of the game is now fully playable with controller - from st...
3 files — 0.5.3
Version 0.5.2 is here!
Greetings Siphonophore overlords! While working on controller support we have fixed several issues and made some improvements to the game - both performance and...
3 files — 0.5.2
Version 0.5.1 and development plans
Greetings! The dust has settled after 0.5.0 release and we are so far happy with reception of it. We had players stream their progress in our Discord server...
3 files — 0.5.1
Version 0.5.0 has arrived!
Greetings! The long awaited 4 new zooids are here: The slimy thought-provoking Greaser which buffs neighbouring zooids with range and movement power. It creat...
3 files — 0.5.0
Version 0.4.9 emerges!
Greetings! Another Sipho update is upon you! We are inches away from having new zooids ready for 0.5.0 update. One of the new zooids is Swarmer, with never-seen...
3 files — 0.4.9
Version 0.4.8 is now live!
Greetings! While playtesting new zooids I came up with a nice combo utilising upcoming Flail and Greaser zooids: As it is with Flail, Greaser's graphics are sti...
3 files — 0.4.8
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